We're on a pedal-powered journey, cycling thousands of miles from Vancouver to South America. On route we're visiting farms and food projects, getting our hands dirty and hoping to contribute to the lively debate around sustainable farming.

Why the interest in farming?

There's a lot of controversy surrounding the way our food is produced. With an extra few billion people to feed by 2050 and the planet's resources already overstretched, radical changes are unavoidable. We want to investigate what these might be, and to see some of them in action.

We also like the idea of making a living from food production ourselves. Living outdoors, gaining practical skills and providing such an essential service all appeal. By learning from people working the land across two continents we want to see whether or not we can turn this dream into a reality. We’re hoping we can learn even more by sharing the experience here.

Why by bicycle?

We love cycling. Having experimented with the delights of touring on a few modest European trips we felt it was time to take on something bigger...

Why the Americas?

In terms of farming the Americas have it all, from the biggest industrial scale agribusinesses to the smallest cottage gardens. Add a good dollop of fantastic scenery, a strong desire to learn Spanish and the lure of the open road and it's a pretty good destination.

Get involved!

We've got some questions of our own to look into, and friends and colleagues have given us more food for thought. We'd like to cast the net wider and open up as many discussions as we can. If you have any questions related to farming in the Americas, sustainable food production, or just life on the road, we're up for the challenge of answering them. We look forward to hearing from you.

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