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The Firewood Poem

Helping to chop and stack firewood (appropriate in a logging area – although our resource was a lot more sustainable than most) ready for winter at Mossback Farm reminded me of this little ditty that I thought might be nice … Continue reading

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Eggs is eggs?

Back in August a huge salmonella scare resulted in half a billion eggs being recalled from America’s supermarkets. Not only that but all of those eggs came from just two farms in Iowa. According to Grist, just 205 companies are … Continue reading

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Whey to go!

We recently visited Tillamook cheese factory in Oregon – hence the terrible pun (ok, ok, I’m sorry, I blame the effects of incessent pedaling). The business is a pretty big employer for the whole area as it produces 130 million … Continue reading

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Thinking in triangles

We recently stayed with Larkin Stentz at the Green Angel where we were introduced to some of the principles of biointensive farming. John Jeavons’ book ‘How to Grow More Vegetables’ seems to be the seminal text on this method of … Continue reading

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A month on the road…

It’s a month since we arrived in North America and although we haven’t been pedaling every day we thought a few cycle touring stats wouldn’t go amiss. Days in the saddle: 15 Total mileage: 610 Average daily mileage: 41 (we’re … Continue reading

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Urban bounty

Growing food is clearly a very different ball game in an urban environment than out in the country. We’ve pedalled through Vancouver and Seattle now and some of the projects going on in these cities are definitely worth a mention. … Continue reading

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Small-Farmer Solidarity

You used not to be able to move for small family farms in parts of the US but now, we’ve been told, they’re are being lost an alarming rate. Apparently over 100,000 small farms disappeared between 1996 and 2001. But … Continue reading

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Capitalism, as if food matters…

Another thing that I have been musing upon since we left Glen Valley Organic Farm (all that pedalling affords plenty of time for musing), is the idea that the farmers’ market is a great example of capitalism as Adam Smith … Continue reading

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Organic and/or beyond…?

Something that I have been thinking about since we left Glen Valley is about the┬áconnotations of the ‘organic’ label. A conversation that we had at Glen Valley touched on the idea of ‘beyond organic’ to represent truly sustainable food production … Continue reading

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Forget energy bars, beef jerky is where it’s at! (Apologies vegetarians)

Ned and I recently discovered that beef jerky is indeed the perfect energy snack for those moments when you feel that you just can’t pedal any longer. Tasty, chewy, full of protein (and salt), mostly natural and pretty much bomb … Continue reading

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