Eggs is eggs?

Back in August a huge salmonella scare resulted in half a billion eggs being recalled from America’s supermarkets. Not only that but all of those eggs came from just two farms in Iowa. According to Grist, just 205 companies are producing 95% of America’s eggs – that’s an average of 1.6 million each per year! I want to know if scares such as the recent one are encouraging people to keep chickens at home instead of buying from these giant corporations. It’s a tricky one to answer but in our journey so far keeping chickens is a recurring popular theme. You can have them at home in cities like Seattle, Portland, and recently Vancouver – I’m not sure what the regs are like in the UK. Chickens are great for providing us with food and manure, keeping down weeds, light tillage on the land, and entertainment too! Of course they need containment away from your lovely plants and veggies, and this is where a chicken tractor may come in. Bill Mollison’s theory of relative location stipulates: ‘place every element in relationship to others so they assist and support each other’. A chicken tractor is a good illustration of this. You can haul your birds around keeping them happy with fresh pickings every so often, whilst keeping them away from forbidden things. What’s more your land will benefit from the moving manure feast (Rich from Mossback Farm said that he could track the progress of his chicken tractor on google earth by the strip of lush green pasture it left behind!)

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