An Ode to cycling in Oregon

Tempting though it is to attempt to convey my thoughts through the medium of verse, I shall refrain and stick to plain prose. The 400+ miles of coast we pedaled through the state of Oregon (plus several side trips) were an absolute joy. The scenery is stunning, from rocky coastline to sweeping dunes, to thick forest. The state campsites great – cheap and in fantastic locations with ‘hiker-biker’ pitches especially for those without vehicles, away from the weird world of RVs. The cycling infrastructure is solid – free cycling maps, and the coast route well signed and often with designated bike lanes. Portland (the biggest city) is perfect for cycling with lots of routes and cool bike shops like the Community Cycling Centre where we spent an hour tinkering with our bikes without spending a dime. Then there’s the food – fresh crab and oysters (cheap as chips), clam chowder, the list goes on. There are loads of farmers’ markets – the number of farms selling direct to consumers is four times the national average apparently. I’ve mentioned the beer numerous times already – it’s good. The wine ain’t ‘alf bad either. Last but not least there’s the good people of Oregon whom we met and who extended their hospitality and kindness to us time and time again. Oregonians often say that their state is one of America’s best kept secrets – I’m inclined to agree.

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  1. Sam and Shan says:

    Hey there! Where are you guys now??

    I notice from your diary that you stayed in Gualala? That was the worst campsite we’ve stayed in!! Expensive shower, pesky racoons, and less than four hours sleep thanks to a random group of partyers and the crazy lady.

    And you hitchhiked back across the mountains to the farm party… I don’t blame you!

    Today we went on the WORST bit of highway 1 yet – just south of Pacifica outside San Fran. It is steep and narrow, with LOTS of cars beeping at us. Be warned…. It was pouring rain and blowing a gale! Luckily a Warm Showers lady saw us and pulled over… Ah the kindness of strangers… Ciao!

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