Welcome to San Francisco!

Twelve farm/food project visits, 1530 miles and 66 days after arriving in Vancouver we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco. For the 15 or so miles before the bridge, winding our way through the hills and valleys of Larkspur, Ross and Sausalito, the sense of anticipation was pretty intense. As we pedaled onto the bridge in the late afternoon shade a guy coming the opposite way on a racer called out, ‘Welcome to San Francisco!’ At that moment we came out of the shadows into the blazing sunshine, and the view of the bay and the ocean and the city was so affecting I had to stop in my tracks and burst into tears. Ridiculous I know, maybe that’s what happens after night upon night of sleeping on a faulty inflatable mat with one ear cocked for the unmistakable sound of furry masked bandits (aka raccoons). Or maybe I’m just an incurable romantic. Either way, we were extremely lucky to arrive on a day without a cloud in the sky or even the meerest hint of the city’s infamous fog. Welcome to San Francisco indeed.

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  1. Jehan says:

    Oh Charlotte, wow! Almost makes me cry too, it sounds magical. I have a feeling that you might never want to leave San Fran…I know I wouldn’t! Looking forward to more posts :)
    Lots of love

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