Proposition 23 – an update

As election day looms closer, an article in Grist reported this week  that the polls are showing a majority of Californians reject Proposition 23 – that I wrote about a couple of weeks back. Apparently inter-faith leaders, university academics, prominent politicians, clean-tech entrepreneurs, actors and NGOs from all types of issue areas are clubbing together in an unlikely coalition to stop the repeal of California’s air pollution laws.

The green movement has suffered setbacks in the US – the failure of climate change legislation to date, the continued power of the dirty energy lobby, and the rise of climate deniers and the Tea Party (to name a few). The coalition appearing in California is therefore very important, and a reason for optimism. It turns out that, given something to fight against, people from all sorts of backgrounds come together and find out they believe in the same thing – namely the importance of protecting the planet, or at least their little piece of it.

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2 Responses to Proposition 23 – an update

  1. Jamie says:

    I really hope it doesn’t pass! I watched Christine o’donnel (Tea Party mentalist) in a debate where she called for a return to the values of the constitution and then demonstrated that she barely understood it! Apparently her support has waned massively. I think you should write about how people you come across feel about Jon stewart’s restoring sanity march!

    • Charlotte says:

      I think it’s unlikely that it will pass, but you never can tell. We were invited for lunch with a guy who works for massive utility PG&E yesterday (he saw us on the San Francisco tube with our bikes and asked us to his house!). He said that even PG&E are against Prop 23 as they have already made significant investments in renewable energy to meet the targets. It is widely thought that out of state interests are behind the ‘yes’ campaign – coal, oil, etc. No real buzz about Jon Stewart that I’ve picked up on – I wonder whether it’s more of an East coast thing. I watched some of the rally on the internet, it was pretty amusing. I shall endeavour to glean more on the streets of Berkeley!

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