Legends of the road, revisited

Friday evening we took part in San Francisco’s Critical Mass - an impromptu mass bike ride through the city with a Halloween theme! Despite the soggy weather thousands of cyclists turned out in various stages of fancy dress, and some very much in a state of undress.

A fellow cyclist, wearing a spandex one-piece, strode up to us and  introduced himself as Ben. ‘Are you guys touring?’ he asked. ‘Yes’ we replied. ‘Ah, I heard about you back in Point Reyes Station. You’re the British couple with your mom, aren’t ya?’ ‘Erm, yes’ we stammered. ‘Yeah, I met this girl called Amy and she told me all about you!’

None of us could ever remember talking to someone called Amy in Point Reyes Station, we only stopped there for half an hour to buy food and sample some cheese. Our reputation goes before us, or more precisely behind us down the road. The West coast cycle touring gossip grapevine in action!

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