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California’s Cash Crop

One of the more common hazards for the cycle-tourist in Humbolt and Medocino Counties is the stoned driver. About one in every five vehicles to pass us leaves a pungent haze of marijuana smoke in it’s wake that fills our … Continue reading

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Cycling the Milky Way

We haven’t taken a psychedelic detour (despite being in California), I’m referring rather to the fact that cycling through south-west Oregon and northern California we’ve been passing through some serious dairy country. On the highways and byways of Humboldt County … Continue reading

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Proposition 23 – is California’s GHG emissions target under threat?

A little off topic, but still very topical is the issue of Proposition 23 – called the ‘California Jobs Initiative’ by its proponents and the ‘Dirty Energy Proposition’ by its opponents. The Prop. (to use the lingo) will appear on … Continue reading

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Legends of the road

No, not us – I think we have a long way to go before we reach that status. My title refers rather to the way that news travels among cycle tourers on the road – we’re all insatiable gossips! Everyone … Continue reading

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Feeding time on the cycle tour

All forms of transport require fuel and when you’re cycling that fuel is food, glorious food. Given our sustainable farming objective we’ve been trying to stop and stock up at local markets, farm gate stalls, etc. However, when you’re on … Continue reading

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Our farm stops in the McMinnville area have changed my concept of what it means to be a ‘farmer’. Our host Scott Dickey, for example, has a full-time job, a family and farms an acre of land. He also finds … Continue reading

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Eggs is eggs? (part deux)

I’ve been educating myself on chickens. A little while back a thought popped into my head that wouldn’t budge. I wondered why it is that there is a big deal in livestock farming about heirloom breeds, but not so much … Continue reading

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Musings on microbrewing

So, as I mentioned a little while ago, Oregon has 78 brewing companies, operating 110 brewing facilities. Portland alone has 36 breweries – more than any other city in the world. Part of the reason for this is that Oregon … Continue reading

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You Can Farm!

Becoming a farmer is a career-move on the increase in this part of the States. Rich and Val from Mossback farm are one of about 20 people we’ve met or heard about over here who’ve started out in farming completely … Continue reading

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A farmers’market for everyone?

Farmers’ markets in Oregon are booming. The state has around 150 markets serving a total population of 3.8 million people – that works out at one market per 25,000 people. To put this in some context, the area of the … Continue reading

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