Farm stand frolicks

From Salt Spring Island to Santa Cruz we have been happy shoppers at countless farm stands. In fact we’ve stopped off at pretty much every opportunity to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables to avoid an end of the day traipse round Safeway. Varying in size from a trolley on the side of the road to fully fledged shops selling tasty treats like pumpkin pie and homemade jams (Swanton Strawberry Farm springs to mind, they even have 10% discount for cyclists) most of them operate on a trust basis with just a cash box.

As well as providing ample foraging for cyclists, farm stands are a good way of getting going as a beginner farmer – instant, low cost access to a market for your produce. This fact was brought to my attention by Severine of the Greenhorns, whose guide has plenty of other ideas to check out.

Perhaps the Adventure Cycling Association maps should point out where the farm stands are as well as the grocery stores…

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