‘Los Piscadores’

A ‘piscador’ is one who specialises in working on date palms – cleaning, pruning and harvesting dates. San Ignacio has hundreds of date palms, sprouting everywhere in the oasis town.

In one of the stories at Casa Loree – in Juanita’s record: ‘The Voices of San Ignacio’ – there is an account of ‘los piscadores’. In the old days they went from tree to tree, barefoot without coming down, like a circus act. The branches of dates were cut and then lowered to the ground on ropes.

After harvest the dates are dried out on mats. The men that Juanita spoke to say that the dates tasted a lot better in the past – they think that changes in climate have made the trees tired. There’s not as much rain as there used to be, for example.

They are available everywhere in San Ignacio and are still a lot better than the sugar glazed things we are used to at home. Fresher, bigger, tastier and altogether more satisfying.

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