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Into volcano country

If we had known what we were letting ourselves in for when we decided to take Everardo’s cross-country route to Puebla, we would probably have stuck to the highway. Oblivious of what lay ahead we prepared to leave Mexico City … Continue reading

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Scoffing and Quaffing in Mexico City

As well as the conventional sightseeing we spent a lot of time in Mexico City eating and drinking. Thanks to Everardo and his parents we were very well fed during our stay with them. And naturally every time we ventured … Continue reading

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Mexico City: capital en movimiento

15 – 21 Feb: Almost exactly two months in Mexico and almost exactly 4,000 miles pedaled, we landed in Mexico City (admitedly doing the last 200km by bus, but it was the sensible thing to do, no shame in that!). … Continue reading

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Email from America – a very baffling roadsign

Following on from my post about signs: Eric, traveling by recumbent tricycle through his native United States at the moment sent us this photo with the following interpretation: “should a truck, rounding a curve, lean to 30 degrees or less, … Continue reading

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Queretaro: a diamond hidden inside a 12 lane freeway

Lonely Planet Mexico writes of Queretaro: ‘the rather frantic outskirts with their busy freeways can give a misguided first impression.’ Spot on. After a tranquil, rural ride from San Miguel de Allende, the sprawling environs of a city of 3/4 … Continue reading

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A plague of plastic

Something that cannot escape your attention in Mexico is the omnipotence of the plastic bag. Everything you buy comes clad in at least one layer of plastic and handed to you in a bag. We have wised up to this … Continue reading

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Dolores Hidalgo – San Miguel de Allende: La Ruta Independencia

9th – 12th Feb: Out of Guanajuato we were confronted by a 10km climb. Half way up we stopped for a rest and when I took my helmet off Ned informed me that I looked like a cat that had … Continue reading

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Guanajuato: underground, overground wandering free

No wombles here I’m afraid. Although with the amount of trash strewn around in Mexico, they could use a few to clean up a bit. Uncle Bulgaria would have a field day. Anyway, to Guanajuato… 6th-8th Feb: Founded in 1559, … Continue reading

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The price of bananas…

It is a given that Ned and I eat a lot of bananas. Indeed, we do not feel entirely prepared for a day on the road without a couple stowed in the panniers. A banana is the perfect snack whenever, … Continue reading

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Aguascalientes to Leon: The wind in Mexico blows mainly across the plains

We left Aguascalientes with a headwind, howling across the plains. The wind was so strong that on our way out of the city we narrowly avoided being hit by a bag of dried chilis that had taken flight from a … Continue reading

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