Paying back the downhill debt

14th March: As Ned pointed out (so poetically), after our 15 mile downhill stretch into Tuxtla Gutierrez and beyond to Chiapa de Corzo, we’d made too many withdrawals from the bank. We had some debts to pay off in the climbing department. Knowing that San Cristobal de las Casas was 1,500 metres higher than Tuxtla, it was with some trepidation that we prepared for the ride.

The last of the downhill, into Chiapa de Corzo (when you cross a river you know you're in trouble, valleys generally go up both sides!)

Ned's new sunglasses, totally bonafide Ray Ban's no less (a bargain at three quid!)

The gleeful daily ritual of applying sun cream - repeated several times a day. The feeling of sun cream over dirt and sweat is wonderful on your skin; so too the stinging in your eyes as it dribbles down your forehead with the sweat. Familiar to cyclists throughout the tropics, I'm sure.

Taking a much needed rest, after almost 20 miles of climbing. We were running out of water at this point, and were beginning to think that the promised comedor would never materialise...

We reached the comedor just in time. The heavens opened and we were treated to a storm of biblical proportions. Having started off the day at the foot of the mountain in the searing heat, it was strange to be huddled up, shivering, sheltering from the pelting rain.

Unhappy bunnies - sheltering from the storm.

And, after the storm...a double rainbow!!

And a beautiful sunset.

Morning in the mountains - San Cristobal de las Casas

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5 Responses to Paying back the downhill debt

  1. Larry says:

    Great pics! Thanks. Your Spot GPS map doesn’t seem to be updating

    • Charlotte says:

      Erm, yes. Our batteries ran out and lithium batteries are proving difficult to get hold of in Mexico. The quest continues…

    • Charlotte says:

      All working again. We got batteries shipped in from New Zealand with Ned’s dad and partner – whooppee!

  2. Kalyn Marab says:

    Heyy!! strangers. It has been quite a while but I see you two are still on the road. and are well into Mexico. Last Fall I met you at Green Angel Gardens, w/ Larkin. I have found my way to California at the Regenerative design Institute, and I am not sure if you two will be going North again, but you have a place to stay in Bolinas California, (right by san francisco) if ever needed! It’s a small permaculture farm, that is also and education center. near highway 1 (maybe you guys rode down it?).

    I have a blog I made that I’m recording stuff from my time here it is If you have time you guys should check it out. It would be neat to catch up, though we only knew each other for such a short time. Happy and Safe travels, and possibly I will see you both again someday!

    Kalyn Marab

    number here if you’d like it to call is :
    415 868 9673

  3. Eric says:

    still more of the awesomeness i’ve come to expect of you

    from personal experience, san critobal is terrif: enjoy!

    dry as a bone, here in tucson, az (usa)

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