Hasta la vista, PLQ

21st April: When we arrived in Xela and enrolled at PLQ we intended to stay for two weeks. Three weeks later we left the school with lots of new friends, a deeper understanding of Guatemalan history and culture, and – of course – better Spanish (we hope!)

Teachers, fellow students, the school staff and our host families made the experience a delightful one to look back on. Hopefully we´ll return one day, but in the meantime here are a few pics from our graduation party:

The staff get the party going with classic Latino beats!

As our graduation party piece Ned and I recited a profound poem – composed ourselves of course. It was in the style of a limerick: four verses with classic Spanish rhymes such as escuela-abuela; nuevos-huevos; español-alcohol. Inspired!

Ned waxes lyrical

Putting my heart and soul into it. More than a bit scary!


Our friend and fellow graduee, April sings 'Love is born in April' (in Spanish) - lovely

Hasta la vista, PLQ!

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4 Responses to Hasta la vista, PLQ

  1. Jamie says:

    Wicked! Jealous. Moving house today, thinking about the last time we did it Ned! Extreme misc.

    • Ned says:

      Ah yes, the Extreme Miscellaneous Box, never in my life have I seen such a random collection of objects with indeterminable uses! Hope current move doesn’t require such desperate measures!

  2. Mum says:

    Wish I’d been there to hear your recital. Eat your heart out Michel Thomas. “No es imposseeeeeeeeeeblay”

  3. Chelsea says:

    Awesome!! I wanna hear your guys’ poem!!! Let’s go back! Hope all is well on the ride.


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