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More on coffee…

On May 15th, Radio 4′s ‘The Food Programme’ broadcast a fascinating programme about coffee – focusing on Central America. Apparently the global price of coffee is at a 34 year high. Back in 2003 coffee was trading at $60cents per … Continue reading

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Sweating buckets through Honduras

May 23rd-26th: In Central America’s smallest, most densely populated country a golden-toothed smile was never far away. El Salvador gets bad press, and there is undoubtedly a crime problem especially gang related. Thankfully we had no problems, apart from the … Continue reading

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…read all about it (in Spanish that is). On Monday, 23rd May Eduardo’s article about our cycling and couchsurfing exploits in El Salvador was published. Click here to read. Unfortunately Monday was our last day in El Salvador, and nobody … Continue reading

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La Ruta de las Flores, Suchitoto and beyond

Dawdling along La Ruta de las Flores – stomach parasites not being the most accommodating travel companions – we encountered small colonial town after small colonial town, coffee plantations galore and even a gourmet food festival (although we could not … Continue reading

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Literature, film and the Catholic church

Ned and I have both recently read Graham Greene’s ‘The Power and the Glory’. It’s a great book, said to be Greene’s masterpiece and one of President Obama’s favourite books. Set in 1930s Mexico in the state of Tabasco, the … Continue reading

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Grains of gold

In El Salvador the coffee bean is known as ‘el grano de oro’ – the grain of gold. And for good reason. No other country in the region has depended so heavily on coffee in its history and economic development. … Continue reading

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Land rights and reform (or rather the lack of)

What follows is an essay on the issue of land rights in Guatemala. It’s a compilation of my thoughts from what I have seen, heard and read about so far. It’s a bit long, but I hope it’s interesting nevertheless. … Continue reading

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Feelin’ hot, hot, hot: Antigua to the El Salvador border

5th- 9th May: Hanging out with old friends, and hooking up with some new ones, gave us the perfect excuse to stay in Antigua longer than we intended. After five days shrouded in cloud, we left on the perfect morning … Continue reading

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Some blogs we like (revisited)

We are collecting bicycle blogs like stamps at the moment, so I thought it was worth re-posting the list. Dive in and get lost down the rabbit hole of cyberspace blog-world… (unless otherwise stated they are all cycling, or have … Continue reading

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Pedaling the Carretera Panamericana: Xela to Antigua

26th-30th April: With many fond farewells said and done, and equipped with excellent maps -thanks to our photocopies from Dagmar and Mete, who we met again in Xela – we hauled our heavy legs, and heavy bikes back onto the … Continue reading

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