Some blogs we like (revisited)

We are collecting bicycle blogs like stamps at the moment, so I thought it was worth re-posting the list. Dive in and get lost down the rabbit hole of cyberspace blog-world…

(unless otherwise stated they are all cycling, or have cycled, various parts of the Americas)

Alastair Humpreys – all round adventuresome guy

Anita and Mario


Cass Gilbert

Cycle for Water

Dagmar and Mete


Erin and Alan


Hungry Cyclist – ‘pedaling the world in search for the perfect meal’

John Benson

Nancy and Randy – the guy who started

Meg and Jules

Russell and Lorely

Sonya and Aaldrik – just finished round the world tour

Tay and Val – on around the world tour

Teacher on two wheels – finished around the world tour and is writing a book

Traveling two – info on all things bike tour

Tom and Sarah

Yannick and Shirley

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