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Sailing on the good ship Sacanagem from Panama to Cartagena

21-26 July: The boat ride from Panama to Cartagena has become something of a backpackers’ rite of passage in recent years. With the land route through Darien province to Colombia a roadless, jungle wilderness infamous for drug trafficking and general … Continue reading

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Deforestation in Central America

Of all the environmental issues facing Central America the threat that looms largest is arguably that of deforestation. Home to some of the most diverse and rich forested landscapes in the world, the stats on the region’s loss are depressing. … Continue reading

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‘Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT now…’

…wrote Joni Mitchell in her hit song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ in 1970. DDT that most infamous of synthetic pesticides, the use of which arguably launched the environmental movement as we know it today, first made it’s appearance during World War … Continue reading

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Panama City: canal boats, hats and wandering through the old city

There are two main things for which Panama is famous the world over: the hats and the canal. Although there are fascinating websites all about Panama hats, I have chosen canal facts over hat facts to share with y’all. At … Continue reading

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Top gear to Panama City

13th – 16th July: After days dawdling along the dirt roads of the Nicoya Peninsula we made a radical plan, kicked into action and 48hrs passed by in a flurry of activity. Kon Tiki Lodge between legendary surfing spots Playas … Continue reading

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A tale of two tents

Confession time. After countless nights, and thousands of miles on the road Ned and I recently lost our tent. Despite our love-hate relationship (its tiny dimensions and tendency to leak through the floor in damp conditions gave plenty of ammunition … Continue reading

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Costa Rica: on (and off) the beaten track

3rd – 8th July: Nicaragua was wonderful: so beautiful, so friendly, (so hot!) However, the time had come to move on towards country number eight: Costa Rica. And so, to Costa Rica Costa Rica was immediately a massive culture shock … Continue reading

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The local mango market economy

When we arrived in Esteli at the beginning of June there were mangos literally everywhere. You couldn’t walk 100 metres without bumping into someone selling the juicy, golden fruit from an overflowing basket. This abundant supply was reflected in the … Continue reading

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Out of the mountains into the frying pan: from Esteli to Isla de Ometepe

28th June – 2nd July: A little rusty yet keen to get moving again we pedaled away from the Nicaraguan highlands after three weeks in the area. The rolling hills and dark, rainheavy banks of cloud could almost have been … Continue reading

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