The local mango market economy

Green mango, red pitaya!

When we arrived in Esteli at the beginning of June there were mangos literally everywhere. You couldn’t walk 100 metres without bumping into someone selling the juicy, golden fruit from an overflowing basket. This abundant supply was reflected in the price. Even taking into account the inevitable ‘gringo tax’ we were able to buy a bag of six mangos for C$10 (about 12p).

Things change rapidly and with the onslaught of the rainy season, mangos started getting steadily harder to find. Harder to find, and more expensive. The price rose to four for C$10, then three for that price, until finally just before we left, at the end of the month, I was asked for C$5 just for one mango. Granted in terms of European prices 6p isn’t so bad, but here it shows the direct relationship between scarce supply vs continued demand.

Soon mangos will be unavailable, as will papaya, pineapple and a host of other delicious tropical fruit that you can snatch up for a few pence. It’s ok though, as mangos disappear there will be other fruits coming into season – the intriguing and weird looking pitaya, or dragon fruit for one thing. So while back at home we are accustomed to munching on asparagus and strawberries in December here you’ve got to listen to Mother Nature. Get your mangos while you can and enjoy her other bounty when she chooses to provide it.

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One Response to The local mango market economy

  1. eric says:

    (in my best fieldsian voice):

    reminds me of the time…

    i was living in the caribbean, on a small, central american island…

    in the bush–during the season–a man had to be constantly on the alert, lest he be conked on the head by that ferocious falling fruit…

    they were THIS bi-i-ig…

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