I spent three years (to July 2010) working in environmental finance at a company called Impax, helping to make decisions about investing in clean technologies. It was a roller coaster ride, not least because of a little thing called the ‘global financial crisis’… Apart from that there was a lot to learn: from how a solar panel actually works, to making sense of stock market trading, to interpreting environmental policies in an investment context.

I have a Masters degree in Sustainable Development (where Ned and I met) and have always been interested in the sustainability of food production. Having done a fair amount of volunteering on farms in the past, I thought it would be good to combine this with some of my other loves: cycling, travelling and life in the great outdoors!

As far as the CV goes, a degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics, plus internship stints at the European Parliament, Carbon Disclosure Project and Sustrans should get a mention.


I was working for the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) for a year and a half up to August 2010, helping to develop policy on the use of nutrients in farming. It was a fascinating time and, to use a choice piece of civil service jargon, one of the ‘drivers’ behind this trip.

Before this I had an eclectic mix of jobs. I worked for The Hub helping to launch a new kind of workspace for social entrepreneurs. I worked for Groundwork in Manchester on a programme designed to help long-term unemployed people back into work. I also had stints as a Ski Guide in Austria and as the owner of a mountainboarding business in Devon that didn’t quite reach the heights I had planned for it!

As far as education goes, I have a degree in Politics and a Masters in Sustainable Development from Forum for the Future that Charlotte mentioned. I’m hoping this journey of ours might lead to something that combines the desk-based life with something a bit more physical.

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  1. sunghwan says:

    Hello Charlotte!
    this is sunghwan!
    your favorite hairdresser in westbourne grove.
    today like a Fairly cloudy but its cooler so i forgive this weather.
    thank you for the letter by the way.

    how are you doing guys?
    seems very hard to me what you are doing,,,
    but i knew, you will enjoying that.
    few days ago your mom came to see me,
    and i can see through her,she was miss you so much.
    but she was happy too, be cause you are happy about that.
    work.traveling.hobby and love:) Do you know what?
    you guys very lucky!!!

    hope you are well,
    have a million million great time,
    take care.
    god bless you!

    from : sunghwan Lee

  2. June Hurst & John Daley says:

    Hi Charlotte & Ned,
    Thanks for your post card and news from the Giant Redwood land. We love reading about your journey and and what you’ve got up to on your adventure from Cropcycle.The pictures are great and the articles you write we find very interesting.
    Keep well and enjoy San Francisco Love Nanna and John xxxx

  3. Awesome site, good to read about where you guys come from, didn’t realize you might be into farming. Should have discussed wwoofing spots when I met you. I recently just met one of the founders of wwoof in laguna beach too!

  4. Sunghwan lee says:

    Wish you a merry X-Mas & happy new year
    All the very best for 2011!!!!!

  5. Fernanda Rivas says:

    Hey Charlotte and Ned!

    I am very happy to see that your four legs are still alive and cycling kilometers and kilometers to the south and, even more, to see smiles and warm feelings in your latest pictures! I just dropped by to say hi, and to wish you all the luck in the world! (But light luck..nothing heavy, so don’t worry about carrying it).

    A big hug to both of you,
    Fer from Queretaro, Mexico

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Fernanda – great to hear from you! Thank you for sending us good luck, we would be very happy to take that with us. Hope all is well in Queretaro, we have fond memories of staying with you and your housemates. Hopefully see you again in the future, maybe when you come back to visit Europe. Charlotte and Ned xx

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