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Blots on the landscape

Colombia is blessed with some of the most diverse and fertile terrains on earth. For example I have lost count of the number of new fruits that we have sampled in less than a month, it’s probably running at one … Continue reading

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The local mango market economy

When we arrived in Esteli at the beginning of June there were mangos literally everywhere. You couldn’t walk 100 metres without bumping into someone selling the juicy, golden fruit from an overflowing basket. This abundant supply was reflected in the … Continue reading

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Organic kitchen gardens in Miraflor

One of the projects in El Sontule, Miraflor Reserve focuses on the development of organic kitchen gardening. Many people have a bit of land by their house, perfect for growing veggies to meet many of the families’ needs. A few … Continue reading

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More Miraflor moments

To 18th June: With Marlon and Mayra, and their family, we spent ten days up in El Sontule. Our experiences were many and various, all thoroughly enjoyable. At the end of the ten days we felt like one of the … Continue reading

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How fair is fair trade?

Buying fair trade products is popular back home. People happily pay a premium on their coffee, bananas, chocolate, and a range of other products in the belief that a proportion of the money is going to pay workers a fairer … Continue reading

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Some musings on maize

Mexico is the birthplace of corn. The crop was domesticated 8,000 years ago into one of the world’s most important food crops. Unfortunately since the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect in 1994, US corn has flooded Mexico at … Continue reading

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Food for thought

A flag to some recent articles in Grist about food and farming – some cause for hope; and a critique of the recent Economist special report on agriculture. Worth a butchers, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Oaxaca: a whole new world of culinary delights, and a new friend to boot

1st-4th March: We’d been looking forward to Oaxaca for ages, we’d heard so many good things about the city. Although our stay was all too brief, it didn’t disappoint. As is our wont when taking a break from the bikes, … Continue reading

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Notes on arable farming: from the slopes of the volcano to the banks of the river

On leaving Mexico City, and drawing closer to the awesome volcanoes, evidence of crop cultivation increased as urban sprawl decreased. Despite the very arid looking environment, on the banks of the volcano there was a lot of corn growing activity. … Continue reading

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Scoffing and Quaffing in Mexico City

As well as the conventional sightseeing we spent a lot of time in Mexico City eating and drinking. Thanks to Everardo and his parents we were very well fed during our stay with them. And naturally every time we ventured … Continue reading

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