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The price of bananas…

It is a given that Ned and I eat a lot of bananas. Indeed, we do not feel entirely prepared for a day on the road without a couple stowed in the panniers. A banana is the perfect snack whenever, … Continue reading

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I think I’m in love…

…with the ice lollies from Michoacan. Every town has at least one paleteria de Michoacan and the benefit of traveling through this part of Mexico is that you’re never too far from civilisation. And for me, at the moment at … Continue reading

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Mountaineering by bicycle: gorditas, gradients and grinding uphill in the granny gear

16 Jan: Highway 40 from just south of Mazatlan to Durango only goes one way – up. I mean that almost literally. The second day we cycled 31 miles and the flat and downhill stretches numbered less than two miles. … Continue reading

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A warm welcome in Ligui

Having waved a fond farewell to Matt and Mel in Loreto we were stunned when just a few miles down the road Mel overtook us, in a pick-up truck. No time for explanations, but lured by his enticing offer of … Continue reading

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Street grub – it’s all about the timing

When it comes to street food, Mexicans know what they are doing. Scoping out the local fare is one of the most enjoyable things to do before, during and after a day in the saddle. It’s generally cheap, fresh and … Continue reading

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What in the world is a rutabaga?

Our journey down the West coast of America has been full of linguistic discoveries, as well as physical, spiritual and farming-related ones of course. A recent epiphany occurred on finally rooting out the true meaning of ‘rutabaga’. At first this … Continue reading

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Wrigley Garden, Long Beach

Cycling over 50 miles through the LA metropolis round the boardwalk we saw little vegetation – just sand, sea and concrete. It was therefore extra special to stop off at the urban oasis of Wrigley Garden, Long Beach. The garden … Continue reading

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In praise of the (not so) humble potato

The French call it the ‘apple of the earth’ – pomme de terre. The potato – the tuber that changed the course of history. The species, Solanum tuberosum is native to South America (from the High Andes to the coast … Continue reading

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A couple of genius ideas from Santa Cruz

Apart from the bountiful acres of the university farm, we came across a couple of other genius things in Santa Cruz that I wanted to share: I – a free bike park at the famers’ market. Yes, you can rock … Continue reading

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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving here in the good ol’ US of A. Traditionally a harvest festival, the celebration dates back to 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The pilgrims settled there were struggling to survive, in their first Winter … Continue reading

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