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Promoting permaculture in El Salvador

Land is a scarce commodity in El Salvador. Large fincas cultivating coffee, sugar and cotton monopolise the best spots and, in Central America’s most densely populated country, there isn’t much left over for the little guys. Traditional subsistence farming methods … Continue reading

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Tierra del Sol, or Pablo’s Permaculture Paradise

Tierra del Sol, 12 miles east of Oaxaca is a permaculture farm, education centre, bed and breakfast and ‘warmshowers’ refuge for cyclists. Ex-pilot and all round awesome guy, Pablo opens the doors to his wonderful straw bale house and enjoys … Continue reading

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Levitating rabbits

Back in Oregon we were taken on a fascinating visit to a rabbit farm. Hundreds of snow white bunnies in wire cages suspended at hip-height, materialising through the 7am mist ranks as one of the most surreal sights yet. It … Continue reading

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Permaculture in the city

One sunny afternoon during our stay in the Bay Area we set off to visit some city farms in San Francisco. As with the urban projects in London that we are familiar with, these places combine growing food with educational … Continue reading

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Pasture farming

Whilst on location at Mossback Farm I had the good fortune to open a book called ‘All Flesh is Grass’ by Gene Logsdon. It’s essentially about pasture farming. Logsdon maintains that pasture farming is perfect on small farms for people … Continue reading

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Eggs is eggs?

Back in August a huge salmonella scare resulted in half a billion eggs being recalled from America’s supermarkets. Not only that but all of those eggs came from just two farms in Iowa. According to Grist, just 205 companies are … Continue reading

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