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‘Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT now…’

…wrote Joni Mitchell in her hit song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ in 1970. DDT that most infamous of synthetic pesticides, the use of which arguably launched the environmental movement as we know it today, first made it’s appearance during World War … Continue reading

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People, politics and a poet – scribbles on El Salvador

On our first night in El Salvador, we were asked how much we knew about the country. We had to admit, it was very little. Our journey through the country improved our threadbare knowledge dramatically but still represents a drop … Continue reading

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Land rights and reform (or rather the lack of)

What follows is an essay on the issue of land rights in Guatemala. It’s a compilation of my thoughts from what I have seen, heard and read about so far. It’s a bit long, but I hope it’s interesting nevertheless. … Continue reading

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‘Los de Abajo’ – Mariano Azuela (another book recommendation)

Mariano Azuela was born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1873. He spent time in the army of Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution (1810-20) serving as a Doctor. Azuela wrote ‘The Underdogs’ (or ‘Los de Abajo’) in 1915, a long time … Continue reading

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Food for thought

A flag to some recent articles in Grist about food and farming – some cause for hope; and a critique of the recent Economist special report on agriculture. Worth a butchers, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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The renewable energy conundrum

Mexico is a sunny country. No flies on me, eh?! People use solar energy to heat water in their homes (we’ve benefited from many a solar heated shower), and occasionally to generate electricity – although the expense is beyond the … Continue reading

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Oaxaca: a whole new world of culinary delights, and a new friend to boot

1st-4th March: We’d been looking forward to Oaxaca for ages, we’d heard so many good things about the city. Although our stay was all too brief, it didn’t disappoint. As is our wont when taking a break from the bikes, … Continue reading

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Communal land in Mexico – the ejido system

Everywhere in rural northern Mexico there are signs pointing out local ‘ejidos’. The ejido system is a process whereby the government promotes the use of communal land shared by the people of the community. This style of land sharing was … Continue reading

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Water worries

In southern California it’s difficult to escape the water scarcity issue. In a place that is known for its go with the flow lifestyle, the approach to water is anything but. The flow has been manipulated and depleted to create … Continue reading

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The politics of food safety

Dodgy food has always made people sick (hideous drunken takeaway memories, anyone?), yet as science progresses we are becoming more intolerant of food that causes serious illness. Less and less contact with dirt and animals, and an obsession with cleanliness … Continue reading

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