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Out of the mountains into the frying pan: from Esteli to Isla de Ometepe

28th June – 2nd July: A little rusty yet keen to get moving again we pedaled away from the Nicaraguan highlands after three weeks in the area. The rolling hills and dark, rainheavy banks of cloud could almost have been … Continue reading

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Organic kitchen gardens in Miraflor

One of the projects in El Sontule, Miraflor Reserve focuses on the development of organic kitchen gardening. Many people have a bit of land by their house, perfect for growing veggies to meet many of the families’ needs. A few … Continue reading

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More Miraflor moments

To 18th June: With Marlon and Mayra, and their family, we spent ten days up in El Sontule. Our experiences were many and various, all thoroughly enjoyable. At the end of the ten days we felt like one of the … Continue reading

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Wake up and smell the coffee! – Miraflor moments

In reality we woke up a long time before smelling the coffee. In a household where everyone is up at 5am it’s difficult to justify lying in past 6.30am. But why give up the chance to use a ‘great’ title … Continue reading

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Promoting permaculture in El Salvador

Land is a scarce commodity in El Salvador. Large fincas cultivating coffee, sugar and cotton monopolise the best spots and, in Central America’s most densely populated country, there isn’t much left over for the little guys. Traditional subsistence farming methods … Continue reading

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Land rights and reform (or rather the lack of)

What follows is an essay on the issue of land rights in Guatemala. It’s a compilation of my thoughts from what I have seen, heard and read about so far. It’s a bit long, but I hope it’s interesting nevertheless. … Continue reading

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Cafe culture

Whilst in San Cristobal de las Casas I visited the Museum of Coffee in an effort to find out more about the black elixir. Also, an excuse to feed my addiction with some top notch samples. In Mexico there are … Continue reading

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A couple of genius ideas from Santa Cruz

Apart from the bountiful acres of the university farm, we came across a couple of other genius things in Santa Cruz that I wanted to share: I – a free bike park at the famers’ market. Yes, you can rock … Continue reading

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The politics of food safety

Dodgy food has always made people sick (hideous drunken takeaway memories, anyone?), yet as science progresses we are becoming more intolerant of food that causes serious illness. Less and less contact with dirt and animals, and an obsession with cleanliness … Continue reading

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Farm stand frolicks

From Salt Spring Island to Santa Cruz we have been happy shoppers at countless farm stands. In fact we’ve stopped off at pretty much every opportunity to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables to avoid an end of the … Continue reading

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